BPM Reset and Refreshing crates/lists

Hello, apologies if these are dumb questions, I want to love this controller but I’ve had a search and couldn’t find anything.

I can get my tracks to sync but I can’t find a sync reset, for instance I’m just messing around, I try the sync mode and it syncs deck 2 to 124bpm which is what deck 1 is running at, but it hasn’t really read the bpm correctly and I want to reset deck 2 it’s original bpm which might be 120bpm, is that not something that’s possible?

(wish it would just sync to the playing track as a master without having to press multiple buttons)

The only way I’ve found is moving the pitch up and down til it finds the original bpm/tempo (which isn’t something I’m shown and neither is how much the tempo/pitch adjustment is) and then allows me to then drag the fader back to it’s 0 point.

Also if I’m updating my usb drive with new tracks, perhaps in folders, is there a way to set a crate or playlist to read from that folder and refresh/import/analyze the new tracks? Or do I genuinely have to drag each folder onto it’s crate every time I add any songs? This just seems like a pain in the bum if I’ve updated numerous folders with new music and I can’t just keep all my music in one computer folder surely? That’s just a recipe for misery? :frowning:

Halp! :slight_smile:

That’s correct way - the led arrows at the top and bottom of the pitch control will guide you


There is a feature request for it

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