BPM Range Issue

In the preference menu of the Prime 4 you are forced to choose between 5 range selections. 55-115, 68-135, 78-155, 88-175, and 98-195. The Prime 4 will then analyze your songs when you load them, and assign a BPM within that range. Fantastic. Except for the fact that my music library ranges from 50 to 180BPM. Songs that are actually 60bpm are now assigned 120, or songs that are 70 are assigned 140 depending on the range I select. Unless this can be resolved, I now have a $2000 paperweight.

Start a feature request thread, for an “all” range bpm analysis.


Hi @Robert , thanks for you post.

For the 60 BPM songs, if are selecting the 58-115 range then it should come up as 60BPM (Same for the 70BPM tracks choosing 78-155 range). Is this not the case?

If not, you can simply half/double the result to get the desired BPM, this can be done in Engine Prime as well as the players.

I hope this helps.

Regards J

Issue with that is that many of my crates contain a wide range of bpms. 2019 hits start at 60 and go to 138. What you are suggesting it to select one range, then analyze all the tracks in that range, then remember to go into settings and select another range and analyze the tracks in that range? And for loading any new songs I better already know the correct bpm so that I can go into settings and select the correct range in hopes that the Prime 4 finds the correct bpm for the song that I already know?

You are also suggesting that I remember what songs are wrong and mix them half time. Although that suggestion is doable, I kinds feel like I’m leaving the new car dealership with a spare tire on the rim instead of real ones.

And to fix it, I have to reconnect my computer, start up Engine Prime, find the file, adjust the bpm, and resync it to the drive that I am using for the Prime 4. Fortunately because the Prime 4 analyzed the waveform kit won’t re do it, and just takes the bmp adjustment. But that is a lot of work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Forgive me here guys if I’m missing something completely obvious but I never truly understood why there is a bpm range option in the first place. Why would the software not just detect the bpm regardless of what it is or what “range” it falls into?

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My guess is to help the firmware out by giving it a limited range to work with. It can be more accurate if it has to be he limitation. It doesn’t matter why to me, just what can be done about it before I decide to return the product.

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i have to totally agree with you here as its doing the same to me but after 2 days testing i do think im going to return the Prime as the software is just plain bad.


But you’d have been able to download and try out engine Prime even before your “purchase” so these aren’t really any new observations from you

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This is one of the issues many will face migrating carefully curated collections from other dj softwares

It’s even more frustrating that engine prime and the players by design have to redo the analysis.

I’ve already suggested that engine prime imports BPM contained in the music files ID tag instead.

Some software are better at differentiating a 70bpm song from 140bpm track but most of not all still make the same halftime or double time calculations.

The only work around will be to do batch importing of tracks.


Coming from Serato

  • Do your Serato analysis, create a crate for all the songs you want to transfer eg Top 40 June Wk 1 2019, then sort that by bpm.

  • Now create a subcrate with the bpm ranges using smart folder or manually. Eg 50bpm to 99bpm 99bpm to 179bpm Or use the engine prime ranges as a guide

  • Refresh Serato library in Engine prime

  • Import those serato crates to Engine Prime crates

  • Select appropriate bpm range in Engine Prime and analyse.

  • Move to next crate, change range, analyse again etc etc

  • Engine Prime Autoanalyse off btw

No this discovery was not found in use of Engine Prime software. As you can import crates from Serato it would make sense for it to continue to use all the data it imported. It isn’t until you load a track into the Prime4 that it analyzes the track again and re assigns the bpm.

And that’s how it is currently. It may change in some future firmware, with some sort of user setting option of “don’t change BPM and music key data if data is already known yes/no?”

But it might not change in a week, a month, or ever for that matter.

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If you analyse within Engine Prime as well prior to plugging in the drive to the players you will notice the bpm changes as well.

If all you did was to refresh serato library in EP without actually adding the tracks to EP collection or analysing the Serato original track info remains.