Bpm not accurate (+-0.2) in standalone mode


First of all thanks for making such a great dj controller. As long as i 'm in serato, the bpm is 100% ok, this creates time to become very creative with the music. I like the 8 hot cues for live remixing etc.

So i made my playlist in serato, draged it into engine an yes It takes over the cue points for almost all the songs. (Why not all the songs, i don’t know?) Some info is also blank About the bpm, i don’t understand. Engine shows the right bpm in the program, but when i load from the usb stick its of by ± 0.2 .

Will firmware version 2.0 solve this? When will it be released? What i pitty i can not be a beta tester, because the tread is closed…

Yeah. Got the Same problem. On the topic it says that you can also send a pm but I couldn’t find a option to send messages to someone and I’d really like to try out the firmware 2.0

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So my way around this was to use another program to read the BPM, iTunes or Traktor both work. In Engine I turned analyze BPM to off and reanalyzed about 10 tracks to test. It worked great so then I did the entire collection. While I haven’t tested every track in the collection, I’ve tested quite a few and no longer have any BPM issues or drift. I use a Mac with 10.13.4 OS. You should test yourself if using a PC.

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Hola Me gustaría saber cómo analizar el bpm correctamente de toda mi música ya que el software sólo analiza aproximadamente el 10% de mis canciones y el resto queda en blanco el bbm