BPM Inconsistency with DS1

I was previously using the Scratch Live SL1 and have switched over to DS1.

Upon switching and recalibrating the controller, I noticed that the movement of the BPM fader on the turntable is not reflecting the correct BPM change in Serato. In some cases, the change is very dramatic with a slight shift of the pitch fader and in other cases, the change is very minimal (i.e. not consistent).

Secondly, when the pitch fader is at the 0 mark - there are cases where the BPM shown in Serato (i.e. 105 BPM) is not the original BPM (i.e. 95 BPM).

Thirdly, when the BPM fader is not being touched at all and the song is playing - the BPM in Serato is fluctuating up and down +/- 0.5 - 3.0 BPM.

May I know if anyone now what the issue could be?

What’s the turntable Make and model ?

Turntable rotation is not stable. This has nothing to do with the soundcard, as it only reads the signal and passes it thru to the computer.

I have Technics 1210MK5 - I think I solved the problem. Amateur mistake - I did not register my Denon DJ DS1 in my Serato so some of the features were disabled in the setup. It seems to be working fine now. Thanks!

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