BPM error with Drum & Bass

When analysing some tracks on the fly, often the player depicts a tune to be for example 116BPM instead of 174BPM. I notice 116 is two thirds of 174 and D&B is not an easy style to analyse, so (being a musician) it seems to detect triplets Is there a way to correct this as pushing and holding the select knob only lets you go X2 or /2 or maybe something for a firmware update?

Just that when people bring their tunes to play in my studio it puts them off using the SC5000 but I tell them it should be sorted soon.

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That’s why you analyze your tunes beforehand in Engine Prime where you have the option to select BPM range.

I mean if someone turns up with a USB whose used to pioneer and doesnt use engine. Shouldnt need to always analyse if theres an on board feature. about 70% of tunes analyse on board correctly its just the rest.

I suggested this before in the feature suggest topic:


Yes something like a ‘X1.5’ or /1.5’ is needed, to correct the issue. Add that into the menu that already exists when you press and hold the right hand knob.