BPM Detection Issues

Is anyone else having issues with BPM detection in Engine Prime?

I’ll give an example, I imported an album called Hard Life by an artist called Sharkey, when I hit sync, the tracks just don’t sync together. Every single one is slightly out. Yet when I run this album through Traktor. Zero issues.

Before anyone comments of ‘you shouldn’t have to use sync’ I don’t need to. I just enjoy playing with sync and using 4 decks.

Have you analysed the tracks before hand? Have you taken the film stickers off of the platters? Have you manually fine-tuned the beatgrids? Are there any BPMs written into the tags of the tracks?


I noticed that also.

@Nitebeatz I get your point, and yes when I notice the problem I fine tune grid. But for example when streaming from beatport I have to do some kind of corrections for around 30% of tracks, I admit most of the times it is that grid is of by one beat or that bpm is half then it should be, and those are pretty quick to fix.

But the competition it on point like 95% of times, so there is obviously room for improvement.

All tracks analysed before hand. No I haven’t manually done anything to the beat grid. In theory you shouldn’t have too. It just seems to be lacking with bpm gridding over traktor.

Yup, I agree that we shouldn’t have to. But I am optimistic about future, and I have seen improvements with software updates, so my belief is that in time engine will be as good or better in analysis as competition.