BPM Analysis process/Workaround?

Hello all, We know there is a real BPM analysis issue. This is not the usual double or half it’s real value but about 33% sometimes on whole genre’s of music (Hip Hop/D&B).

The controller itself is incredible, they just have some software/firmware issues to work out.

This is one of those main issues, as it affect EFX and other things, so I’m trying to develop a workaround until Denon fixes this issue.

I used Serato and have Mixed in Key to analyze songs. When EP analyzed my library, it messed up multiple songs and I have no idea of how determine which ones are off.
My only thoughts on this is to reanalyze in Serato or MIK.

The bigger issue however is a process that works successfully to display the original BPM on Prime 4 after analyzing with outside DJ programs.

Do we just have the BPM written to the comments tag or some other field where it will display on the Prime 4 and searchable?

Does anyone have a process they’re using that works ?

Any information on what and where these utilities can be found?

Thanks in anticipation

There need to be more spam protection on this forum. It’s the same people repeatedly spamming the same software and helping vx600 to spam it too.

Some of the attempts at spelling the purchasable app are blocked successfully by the forum so the forum is quite rightly doing the right thing, but it’s not yet catching all of the deliberate Mis-spellings.

So by providing a user with a readily available solution to a real life issue…that’s spamming.

Flagging is not enough for you I see. I hope you got the sticker.

What’s your issue with the app…just curious

Thanks Mufasa, nicely detailed answer.

I will try some of those options.


In the perfect world Engine Prime will be the perfect tool without users needing to find workarounds.

I knew this day will come when the BPM thing will be major once Prime 4 was announced.

Denon says they are improving it…but that’s not helpful when you have a wedding tomorrow.

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