BPM adjust, Auto Gain and Auto active stored loops

  • BPM adjust in case of bad BPM detection,
  • Auto gain, a smart feature,
  • Auto active loop : Stored loop are automaticaly activated and can be simply enabled/disabled “on the fly” (Shift + Loop encoder push to turn it on/off for example)
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Hi @Jike, welcome to the forum!

I’ve rejected your initial request, as all the things you opt, are already requested in other topics.

Please have a look around on the forum and like or add to the discussion.

Thanks for your reply, i’ve done this a few minutes ago :slight_smile:

I’ve made another post for EQ profiles but i can’t see it in my personal profile…

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Okay great.

The request about EQ has been added. :wink:

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Many thanks :wink: