Blue light is not showing when usb is plugged in

I bought the Denon DS1 on the 11th of this month . I probably played with it a handful of times . For some reason when you plug in the interface to usb the light doesn’t show up and does not connect to serato ? Any reason for this ? I have searched hi and low but nothing on this topic ?

Since it worked before, something has apparently changed. It could be the unit having a problem or the port you use on your laptop/computer.

Have you tried another USB-port? Or you could try any old USB-adapter (like the one you use for charging your iPhone). Effectively anything that give the proper amount of USB-power should make the light come on.

If not, it might be a faulty unit. In which case I’d say follow the warranty instructions.

Hi @Sean, thank you for your post and sorry you are experiencing this problem.

Here are a few tips to try, I’m sure you have done some but just to be thorough:

  • Reboot laptop
  • Ensure the latest Serato is installed
  • Try different ports
  • Try different laptop/pc (if possible)
  • Try different USB cables

If after all of these your DS1 is still not functioning as expected please contact customer support:

Regards Jay

Thanks for the response fellas I just got the RMA from denon and took it to guitar center and switched it out. I hooked up the new one and I am not being paranoid but the sound doesn’t compare to the quality of the one that broke. I haven’t Had enough time to go through it yet but it definitely sounds sub par to my Mac Pro sound card. I am praying that I don’t have a back to back issue .


Hi Sean,

Just checking in on this. Have the audio quality concerns been resolved? The DS1 should perform better than you standard sound card.

If not, what is your OS version?

Did you try updating the firmware?