Blog, in case some of your friends have questions

Hey guys, I started this little site awhile back & a few pals have urged me to turn my GAS into a useful piece of info for others. The blog is small. Only a few folks know about it. The info is there, however, and a few people have reported that they’ve really appreciated the insight within.

So, feel free to share this with others:

It covers a few things, such as “MPC X vs Pioneer Toraiz” “Maschine vs Push” and other questions that many potential users have. I’ve already spent the cash on each piece to actually compare, completed the write-up, and unloaded the hardware that didn’t pass the test, so my write-ups are real. I’m not paid, not sponsored, not a pro audio guy. Just a dude with a very busy life who wants his gear to work perfectly every time.



Excellent set of reviews.

Going to add something for the rather significant x1800 firmware update?

I finally have a two week break from school, so next M-T-W I’m going to spend some more time with the hardware and write more. Grad school is intense!

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