Black Friday Deals 2020

Post here if you see any good ones.

I’m out for a Prime Go in the UK.



I was looking forward to see some deals here when I read the title. How come I don’t see any? :laughing:

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I was waiting for a Serato DJ Suite deal. They’ve had it almost every year. Now that I’m ready, there is none :neutral_face:


Yeah bought mine last year.

I got my akai amx last year. This year I started early and picked up a sony zv1 camera. Good luck bargain hunters. :heavy_dollar_sign: :alien:

Black friday deal 2020 from SoundSwitch: 50% off on the annual subscription plan on

I received this by email today…

@Shain I guess that would be for renewed subscibtion?

The black friday deal for Tidal is here:

TIDAL Premium €0.99 for 4 months

TIDAL HiFi €1.99 for 4 months

Offer for new users only.

Also possible to receive 3 months of Tidal (and Deezer) for free with the link below from music dot com (with credits for Kygo and Sony):

Also only valid for new accounts.

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Ah…I guess you are right. I had Tidal before and cancelled it so you’re right. good catch.

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Some sweet deals for the Europeans:

Denon DJ DS-1 Serato Interface - 99€

Denon DJ SC5000 - 798€

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 - 1.299€

Mixars LTA Turntable - 249€

20% off for Cyber Monday deal on Merchandise from the Denon merchandise store!

Too bad the coupon code that was emailed out today was already expired from the moment they sent it to everyone. Kind of a big (sad trombone) womp womp womp…Oversight perhaps? Either way looks like I won’t be buying that Denon DJ sweatshirt lol.

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Not for me, I’m afraid. I’ve already got the T shirt (to coin a phrase) and the socks are too expensive.

Now, if they did mugs, caps, beanies, USB flash drives, slip mats…

Another bf purchase :joy:

I’m getting another one after the out of the box experience was way better than expected.