Big Problem with SC5000 - Screen Glitching out entirely after update

Hi, I have a really big problem with the SC5000 player. After updating to the latest firmware update the player worked fine for a couple of days then some very strange screen glitching/flickering behaviour started to happen. At the same time the screen freezes up randomly or if I touch the jog wheel… this makes the player entirely unusable. Here’s a demonstration of what’s happening:

The player starts up completely normally, but as soon as I load a song its almost like all of the data gets corrupted and the waveform + the text starts flickering and random glitchy behaviour starts to happen. My x1800 also stopped receiving input from the player. This seems to be entirely a software issue, everything else seems to work fine.

I’ve tried the different methods of resetting the player I found on this forum post:

Is there any other way to factory reset the player? What should I do?

Have you contacted Denon DJ support yet?

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Submitted a ticket, no reply yet.

Hi @timofeji - Sorry to see this issue. It is definitely a hardware issue but something our support team can assist with. Have you heard back from someone yet?