Big problem in the vinyl mode !!!


Look at Video …I can not understand what’s going on

Problem on my jog wheel!

Use grounded power connections!


Hey John, My guess is that you’re plugged into a circuit that is not properly grounded. If the touch platter can’t reference a ground, funny things like that start happening. If this is the first time that this is happening (and the first time your are in this venue) that would probably point to this. You could try different outlets there (something on the other side of the room for example) and see if that helps. Maybe you will get lucky with better socket.

Personally, I always carry around something like this: LINK.

That way I can check the health of plugs before sticking my precious equipment into them.

Let us know what you find out, or if that was in fact the problem or not.


I also have this problem, in a performance that is very important to me and now I’m struck by stroke

Check the movie plz


Mamsi, please read AIRVince’s response regarding grounded circuit.

If you have not experienced this issue with your equipment at home or other venues, then the issue is likely with the venue’s grounding.


Did you find a way to fix this problem?


If it is a grounding issue, the way to fix the problem is to tell the venue to ground their outlets properly.

Non grounded outlets can be dangerous to both equipment and people. If there is a power spike or an equipment malfunction, you could either fry your equipment or get a nasty shock. Neither thing is fun, and one is potentially deadly.

Please read my comment above and consider getting the plug checker, for your own safety and the safety of the players.