Big problem i use mac and engine 1.3.3 engine prime ver

Hello jwill i deliever songs in engine 1.3.3 i think there is a bug with engine prime soft i deliever music from a computer or usb drive in computer to ssd in the prime 4 its do packing file very slow and after put some songs i didnt want ,and more than this if you click on song to play in the soft or prime 4 controller some songs are not the songs that you play or dj like example you see now 50 cent artist you want to play when you click on 50 cent its written 50 cent artist played but other song played!!! Thats a big problem

Hi @Djroy1 - Apologies but I’m having a difficult time understanding what you’re saying here. Could you maybe simplify your comment and focus on one problem at a time?

I also had dificulty understanding this problem. If I got this right, maybe the OP is not using the default packing method to add songs to the SSD. I mean, maybe he did use the packing method initially, then started “filling up” the SSD by adding songs from Windows Explorer, or Mac Finder to the externally device mounted SSD. Or maybe I got this all wrong…


He synced his rekordbox and serato collection to engine prime

He transferred some tracks to a prime drive

He found tracks that he believed he didn’t transfer in the prime drive

His metadata is wrong on the prime drive eg he selects and plays 50 cent - In Da Club and he hears Darude - Sandstorm

He has a gig


@Djroy1 try rebuilding your engine database

He can be She or vice versa

What to do i think its a engine prime in 1.3.3

Where is your serato and rekordbox collection? Are they in your laptop internal drive or external?

Rebuild database by doing the following -

Delete or Rename Engine Library folder in the Music folder (laptop hard drive) and any other external drives that you use.

Music > Engine

On external drives the engine folder is in the root directory ie once you open a plugged in external drive on your laptop you will see a ENGINE Folder

Start up Engine Prime and refresh your Serato/Rekordbox

Then add your serato and rekordbox tracks to engine prime collection

Then export a few crates/tracks to the usb drive you intend to use with your hardware. I will suggest you use a clean formatted usb drive as well.