Big problem after Prime 4 2.1 update

Hello. I came to this forum because I have a problem with my Prime 4. I wanted to try an update from 1.6 to 2.1, but some things did not suit me, especially in playlists management, and I went back to 1.6. But since then, when I start the Prime 4 and load a track on deck 2 and put it on standby to be played, after a while the play button stops responding. The track does not start, even trying every possible way. Regardless of the title or the format, I still specify that all my files have been checked several times. I mostly work with flac, and this only happens on deck 2 anyway. I have to restart Prime for deck 2 to work again. This has happened to me three times already, luckily it was at the start of my set and after restarting, deck 2 then worked normally. But it’s very scary because if it happens to me in the middle of a gig, I will have to stop the music to restart the device, with the reactions of the customers that one can imagine ! I have tried reflashing 1.6 several times but the problem still persists while before the whole attempt to update 2.1 everything was working fine. 2.1 update broke my Prime 4. I read on the forum that other users had read issues, with no fix provided by Denon. It’s really annoying that updates bring more problems than solutions. Looks like nothing is checked before, and the customers are doing the testing. Which solution ?

I reply to myself lol ! By mistake, I have made 2 posts. Guys and moderator went to comment that it was double… And close my post instead of giving any solution, or just saying hello or just a simple welcome… What kind of forum is this ?

To keep the forum clean, double posts are handled by the mod-sword. Sorry about that!

And now for the official welcome, if you really want to :wink::

Hi @RapaNui, welcome to the forum! A place where DenonDJ users and owners can discuss and, if needed, help each other were they can.

As for your problem: I hope some other Prime4 forum members might chime in to help you as I don’t have a Prime4 myself anymore to test (or recreate) a possible downgrade/upgrade problem you’ve experienced.

Maybe @Anthony_DDJ can assist if we (the forum) are unable to help you further. The DenonDJ support department is perhaps needed eventually.

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Hey @RapaNui
If you need further assistance, I’d be happy to connect you with a technical support team member. Feel free to DM me if a solution is not found.

@EthanLeo says he has the same problem. So now, are you gonna take this in consideration ? Or going on thinking your machines and updates are perfect and we, customers, are not competent ?

So have you contacted @Anthony_DDJ already?

By the way. I thought you were going to sell your Prime4 on eBay, as you stated under your previous forum username?

@Reese ? What do you mean ?

Hey @RapaNui As mentioned, let’s connect in a DM so we can gather more information on your situation and forward it on. Happy to help.