Big hello from me

Hi there. After months of deliberating and research I’ve just bought a prime 4 over the xdj xz. My reasons are that I believe the prime 4 is future proof with several years ahead as a flagship Denon all in one. For me the Pioneer looks like the end of the line controller with no real possibility of it being updated. It also looks like a mk1. Denon always give you everything they can right from the get go. Example being built in WiFi. I also think the denon will ultimately serve my mobile dj needs way better. I also like the idea of a prime go further down the line. Also what sealed it was the new engine prime update as the analysis of tracks is really good even for old skool House going back to 86, 87. Even Traktor doesn’t get some of those tracks on point but engine prime did. Great work. As its an early update of the new algorithm I can only see it getting better and better. Plus the fact over the years I have owned denon gear such as the old belt drive DNS 5000 which at the times were so revolutionary and fun to use. My new hardware arrives on Friday. I’ve just created a studio in my summer house with ethernet so practicing on Tidal/Soundcloud will be alot of fun. Thanks Denon for creating such beautiful products.


Welcome to this forum. It’s great that you’ve posted not only your key highlights of the prime 4, but also your buying and decision making process.

That sort of information can really help others who are unsure or still deliberating between a Denon Prime and some other makes xyxzdxzj anagram-type names product from the turn of the millennium.

Enjoy your time here.