Better speed transfer playlist to the flash drive


there’s some way in the setup to improve the speed when you copy your playlist’s to the flash drive?.

I have a MBP with 2 USB 3.0 ports. And the flash drive is USB 3.0 too.

After to prepare a playlist in ENGINE 1.5. when I move to the flash drive, the program took a lot of time to do this task. If the playlist have for example a 50 tracks, the program needs at least 30 o more minutes to complete the job.

I try with many other flash drive. with the same results.

I miss something in the setup?.

Possible work around… I recently started adding the tracks themselves to the USB drive, then adding the playlist that contains the songs. Seems to have speed up the process for me even though your doing basically the same thing twice. It is almost as if the bit of into that’s most difficult to transfer is the playlist data, the songs seem to go fairly quickly. I hope that makes sense/works for you!

Yes you can do everything directly in the flash drive and speed up the process. But…what happend if the flash drive fail?. You have to do everything again. In my case I prefer do everything in the laptop and then transfer to the flash drive. That allows to me to have more than one flash drive for backup.