Better beat grids when analyzing

I notice that when I run all my tracks threw engine prime. I have to adjust alot of the tracks beat grids. Is there anyway we can gets this fix on the next update.


There have already been some improvements made by the dev team, and more to come.

In the meantime, the beatgrids can be adjusted within Engine Prime and on the players themselves, On the players, press the silver knob to the right of the display for a second - it will begin to flash. While it’s flashing, you can use the platter to move the beatgrid left or right along the track until it’s where you want it.

Once the beatgrid is in it’s new location, press the silver knob briefly to exit the beat grid edit mode.

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Curious, if I make this adjustment, does it only do it for that file on that card/USB stick or, when I connect that card/USB stick back into my computer to update what music I want loaded on it, will it pass that back to the Engine app? Otherwise, you’re changing on the fly and then have to remember to change it back on the desktop too?


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Great question. I believe the request for a Prime Collection “Sync” option has been submitted to the mods, but @Gee_DenonDJ would be able to confirm. I’m sure there are many users who would like such an option. Or, at the very list, perhaps a sorting option. For example, right now there’s an option for Date Created, Date Modified, etc. Perhaps Grid Modified would be helpful to let the user know when the Grid was edited, and if the date for the external drive was newer than the internal drive/Local Collection, the user will know to re-import that song to the Local Collection.


when you plug the USB device back into the pc/mac in the device area you can select “resync” then changes made on the USB drive with the SC5000 will be synced to the engine db on the pc/mac.

this is mentioned in the manual, I personally don’t use this so what I mention is from the “book” and not experience. :wink:

Ah that is great to know! I have read through the manual, but must have missed that little tidbit. I’ll test that tonight and see how that works, as it would definitely be useful when you’ve analyzed a bunch of tracks, but haven’t had the time to individually confirm each one. I will gladly update this thread after I’ve tested that out, although I imagine it works as designed.

I’m going to get myself put into a lamp, then appear in a cloud of smoke when people rub the lamp… :slight_smile: And perhaps a forum Profile Picture to match.

Yes indeed… There are two file related requests for syncing currently with the development team. One relating to syncing two drives to each other, a request made by a user who is using one drive on each of their SC5000’s due to the 2.4gb sharing limit (not a cap by the way, and due to be “not there” in future firmware/Engine Prime database versions). Even when a drive with a library file larger than 2.4gb can be shared, it would still be ill-advised for any DJ to go out without a back up, so the drive sync request is still viable.

The other file Sync request with our development team is for syncing of all playlists / crates in batch etc, rather than one-by-one sync’ing. As this could take up a huge amount of time, proportionately, for users with large numbers of crates and playlists, it made sense to get the Job Monitor feature in place, so that a user knew how things were progressing. That Job Monitor, of course was brought into Engine Prime in version 1.1 a couple of weeks ago.