[Beta] Rekordcloud now supports Engine Prime

Hi guys,

This was probably the most requested feature for a long while now: Engine Prime support!

For anyone that doesn’t know what rekordcloud, check out the website or the demo.

I’ve been working hard on it and early testing is looking good. Thanks @mufasa for trying the buggy versions!

The next step is for more beta testers to find the really obscure bugs so I can squash them :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to give it a try, please let me know below and mention if you use macOS or Windows. If all goes well, it should be done in a few weeks. You can find more information about the Engine Prime beta here.

Remember that this is a beta, so this is entirely at your own risk and I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a full backup!

Thanks for your time!


Can you give all of us a quick recap on what Rekordcloud does please.

Even if you tell us 1000 times, it’ll still be less than “and the spam remains”

Did you miss this line?

Mac user here :ok_hand:

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It has many useful tools made specifically to work with DJ software such as bulk editing, finding duplicates, generating cue points and much more. Check out the video to get a quick recap.

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Mac user too, happy to bug test for you

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Mac user also, would love to give it a try! Used to be a software tester also once upon a time :slight_smile:

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No one lifted your stone.

I’d like to give it a try. I’m a windows user

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With the forum exploding over the last few days with a leak of a tenth prime model maybe, new firmware, new betas, betas for mixers, track preview on prime .4, Flexibeat grids , Dropbox on prime and heaps more, I almost missed this post.

I’m a windows user, happy to beta test , especially now while I can’t go out and gig due to lockdowns.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else on the market that offers so many options and DJ tools. It would be good if you could add an auto YEAR tagger, but I’ve got no ideas how you’d get that to work. Headaches abound there:

I use windows 10 and engine prime. I might still have virtual DJ somewhere but it won’t be all that up to date as their updates used to break more things than they fixed so I’d been declining “do you want to upgrade?” messages for years.

Let me know if you want beta testing for engine prime and Rekordcloud , thanks


Windows 10 User and would be happy to test out Christiaan.

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Just ment as info for other testers :slight_smile:

So I have startet testing the Rekord Cloud integration, and I really love it!

I had an issue after installing Engine Prime 1.6 that caused Engine Prime to crash - the issue appeared in following workflow:

  1. Open Engine Prime
  2. Edit transition-tracks with the new Flexigrid function (which is amazing)
  3. Close Engine Prime
  4. Upload library db to Rekord Cloud
  5. Run Cue Point Generator on selected tracks (same transition tracks as edited before)
  6. Download updated library db to Engine Prime
  7. Open Engine Prime
  8. Load said transition tracks
  9. Engine Prime 1.6 crashes.

So I went the other way around instead:

  1. Open Rekord Cloud
  2. Upload Engine Prime library db to Rekord Cloud
  3. Run Cue Point Generator on selected transitions tracks
  4. Download updated library db to Engine Prime
  5. Open Engine Prime
  6. Edit transition tracks with the new Flexigrid function (which still is amazing :joy: )
  7. Works perfectly and without any crashes!

This has been reported to @Christiaan and therefor this is just ment as a help if others are running in to a similar issue :slight_smile:


Thanks! And I’ve sent you all messages :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of Rekordcloud so far. It allows me to leverage all the work I do to maintain my Rekordbox library for gigs and convert it to Engine Prime for home use. The cue settings are also implemented well. When I recently had to redo my entire library, this feature was a life saver.



I will be glad to help, Mac user.

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Hello Christiaan,

Win- User. I want to try the tool

Best regard from Germany

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Mac user interested in giving this a go

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Windows 10 user…I’m interested

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