Beta 1.6 vs OS 1.5

Hello, A very specific question here (mainly to the developers): Can a USB exported out of Engine Prime 1.6 beta (Flexi grids) work with Decks that have Engine OS 1.5.2 (no Flexi Grids)? Will there be a data base conflict or I can just play usually like it is?


Excellent request. I was also thinking about it over the weekend, as I installed Engine Prime 1.6, but I didn’t want to install Engine OS 1.6 on the console because I often need it for parties.

And the answer is: yes, it works, but flexible grids don’t work.

In short, a track edited with Engine Prime 1.6beta using the dynamic grid, when it will then be played on Prime 4 with Fw. 1.5.2 it will happen that it will be reproduced without dynamic grid, ie as expected in the fw. 1.5.2. As a result, you will feel the song speed up or slow down to keep the BPM constant. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

I didn’t specifically asked for Flexible grid tracks, as I don’t have many of tracks with tempo fluctuations. But nice to know. Anyway a data base exported from Engine Prime 1.6.XX will work with SC5000/6000 with 1.5.2… - this is what I wanted to know.

Yes, I confirm. So far I have not encountered any problems with both crates and playlists.

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