Best way to update crates/playlist managed in serato


I use serato for my music management, as it is easy for me to delete tracks from my macs harddrvie from within the software and tag tracks.

I use a 2tb external for my main prime drive. I export crates/playlists from serato to prime to my drive-but when I add tracks to a playlist or crate in serato, the respective prime playlist/crate does not have the new tracks I add.
All I ahve been able to figure is I have to either remove the playlist/crate from prime, then readd from serato or I have to go into serato and select new tracks and drag them into pime playlists/crates Am I missing something? I feel like there is a better way to do this

Yup, no official way to update existing crates imported from Serato.

Show some love to the request for incremental updates for existing crates