Best selling controllers in the USA 2018

Not a single Denon controller in the top 10

I bet if Denon released an updated MC6000 that would change. It’s badly missing from the line up as it’s the perfect size for mobile DJs. As much as I love the MCX8000 and have adapted my rig for it a 19" rackmount would still be a better solution.

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Top 10s are usually just 10 products by companies who played the free gift game with the person/company who compiled the top 10 in the first place. About as believable as horoscopes

It clearly explains in the article how they compiled the figures.

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Why do you have doubts about it?

There is Numark on the list and mostly stocking fillers. Which is as expected.

Do you think Denon should have cracked the list as well?

@kradcliffe feel free to add your suggestions to this thread i started. Paul is tracking.

It’s not surprising that the 8000 didn’t get mentioned in any top 10 lists last year.

It’s a shame that the 7000 didn’t make that list. If I was still playing with midi, the 7000 would be the controller I’d have looked at last year.

To me djtechtools was always very Traktor minded and part Pioneer. Promoting their own add-ons like color knobs and pads etc. Al fine, but not really objective stuff.

So I haven’t taken the time to check this top10, because of this. Don’t care about charts and lists with blah blah anyway…

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Omg please don’t mention those tacky plastic day-glow key caps. … the controller equal to hanging fluffy dice from car rear view mirrors.

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The survey result is out as well.

there’s some odd stuff in that survey. Lots of non-earners, Lots of DJs DJing for free or never playing to others.

Starts explaining why some try to DJ on the cheap

Your argument makes no sense. There are shitload of new DJ who do their homework before buying their first controller and there are shitload of “working” DJ who had no exposure to the controllers (you know the type, did 10+years on vinyl, a few on DVS) and they choose their first controller because somebody else said to them that “Pioneer is the standard”. Just look how many of your “working DJ” choose DDJ-SX despite it being universaly aknowledged that it has poor sound quality.

Then you’re reading it wrong :slight_smile:. Just kidding , I’ll try and make myself clearer here

There’s questions in the survey that, when read with knowledge of some of the other answers, which suggest that some of the People in the survey are DJing in public for free ( with the answer about how much of your income is from DJing) a surprisingly high percent said none , but the question about how often do you play in public was quite high too. Suggesting some are DJing for free - but then again, surveys always need to be taken with a nod, a wink and a smile - statistics can say more or less anything you want them to :slight_smile:

From a working, paid wedding/party DJ/KJ, my thoughts:

  1. Denon, and other competitors, are getting away from 19 inch rackmount so that they can have larger interfaces which look great, but don’t work as well for me as a mobile DJ. I prefer the 19 in rackmount idea that was presented above, so I can mount other components such as wireless microphones, audio processors and effects, cable connections, microphone drawers, laptop mounts, antenna mounts, etc. I’ve been using Legacy mixers and controllers such as the Denon DN-X500 mixer and the Denon DN-HC5000 controller. Sadly, it looks like the newest 19" rack mount Denon product I can move up to is the Denon DJ DN-MC6000.
  2. Why do I choose Denon? Because they are typically designed with two microphone inputs + 4 channel mixers that allow for other inputs. Watch out, Pioneer now has mixer/controllers that do this too… At least one has three mic inputs with FX (but again, not 19" rack mountable.) Oh… and Denon mixers also sound good and look great! :slight_smile:
  3. Be very wary of these top 10 lists. Even on what appear to be reputable websites, in most cases they are just short descriptions and a picture, with the author claiming to have rated them in some way, and then an affiliate link to Amazon or some other online store. Unless the author is part of some well-known DJ organization, it’s probably just a money-making link. You are better off making your decision based on the features that you really need on the road.
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Praised be your insight. There hasn’t been an accurate top ten list of anything since about the 1970s

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Hasn’t everyone got fluffy dice hanging off of the rear mirror, or is it just me?


Seriously though - I wouldn’t pay any attention to these lists - they are all so subjective.