Best Sampler Options

Hey everybody, so I’m lovin my Prime 4, even with some hiccups atm, it’s just a much better option for me and of course as we all are I’m hoping more updates bring needed features and fixes, one of course being a sampler. However, for now I still need a good sampler option. What would you recommend for stand alone Sampler to use with th prime 4? Looking for options and functionality of course but rn affordability is also a must. Thanks

Just as a side note you can use the prime 4 right now for sampling.Say you’re mixing between two songs on Deck 1 and 2 you can use deck 3 and 4 for your samples. Just loop and sync them to decks 1 and 2. Hopefully a future update will allow you to save your samples on the pads to use on the fly so you don’t have to keep loading them up every time you turn the unit off and on. As far as a sampler the newest device I seen is the Akai Professional Force. Although it does a lot more than just sampling, and a bit pricey, and seems to be very complicated to use. Although I heard it works well with the Prime 4.


DJVERACIOUSK, I agree with you prime 4 needs to have a Sampler that can hold in memory. I think having the option to have one of the pads as a dedicated sampler or have it on the touch screen. As to a reasonable sampler I am waiting to receive the


I used samples a lot. Have Prime 4 and GO makes it harder but some of the other pluses make up for it

Hey Im in the same boat. I too had the need to use a sampler. Prefer the 2 channel layout in the Prime 4, things get more complicated using 4 channels and switch back and forth was not my cup of tea. So the Prime 4 really needs a sampler at the minimum they should allow you to access preset cue points on Channels 3 and 4 by using the shift on the performance buttons.So I got the Akai MPX8 - its ok but im not too happy with the quality of the sound (but as a sampler its cheap inly £60) or perhaps it could be the way ive converted the files. Ive compared this to setting Cue Points on channnel 4 and the quality of the prime is much better but im still assesing this - only had it a few days. Hope this helps. I have the Prime 4 and Prime 2 so need an option i can use across both units.

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I have had the Prime 4 for about 6 months now and there is no easy way around this. I dj downtown San Antonio, TX and hate that I cant use the sampler for Horns, Dj Drops and Soundbites. You can use the other channels but you will find yourself loading the songs in the wrong channel. Honestly as much as this is a standalone I think it would be better if you learned it with Serato. Serato gives you the sampler option but that really takes away from the purpose of you buying this unit.

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