Best instagram live streaming setup?

hello guys. I have a set up of 2x SC5000 + 1 X1800, connected to the network by ethernet cable available at a beach club. I would like to do some instagram live streaming in the summer from a phone. What is the ideal setup to guarantee direct sound from the mixer to the phone? thanks for your answers

irig stream works for both IOS and Android

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+1 for the irig stream. I use that interface for my live streams. You can also record using the irig app as well if that’s useful for you?

You can simply plug in your iPhone into the x1800 via USB with a proper adapter.

Once you get your Instagram set up for live streaming and in video mode then plug the phone to your mixer (in broadcast mode) and the audio will stream along with the video. This is for iOS. Could be the same for andriod