Best DJ Record Pool to use in 2020?

Hey Guys,

Which record pools are everyone using today?

As an open format DJ, I use a few depending on the type of track I’m looking for. If you use multiple, be sure to check each one.

  • Club Killers
  • DJ City
  • BPM Supreme
  • DMS
  • Digital DJ Pool
  • IDJPool
  • MP3 For DJs
  • My MP3 Pool
  • Other (list below in comments)

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Xtendamix are used by a lot of people I know.

Cool, I never heard of that one but I’ll check it out!

I tried to add above but apparently you cannot modify a post after the first 5 mins.

I think that’s quite fair on a poll :wink: No pools of this kind for me anymore btw

Yeah I can see why they prohibit that.

I guess “none” should have been an option too…

I cancelled my BPMsupreme sub after 3/4 years. I noticed they stopped having some artists music.

I have active subs with Xtendamix, SmashVision and Heavyhits now

I dip into clubkillers intermittently when they have their Fiver promo :wink:

I used to use “Promo Only” up until a few months ago but Tidal seemed to cover all the tracks that Promo Only did, just as early sometimes even earlier.

The only things I miss from Promo Only, is that they offer DJ friendly intros, and a search results filter to filter out Explicit tracks (which means nothing from Stormzy would ever show up, coz he’s a bucket mouth). Tidal shows you all tracks, explicit or clean, but mark which tracks are explicit with a “E” icon.

The only thing I don’t like about Tidal is that non-original artists, covers and ringtones appear in amongst the original artists and mixes.

Heavy Hits and Franchise Pool

I use the beat junkies record pool. It’s not great for the latest and greatest tracks (limited selection) but it is very good if you need a ton of older music. Their 90s music is really expansive, all genres. Their selection of house music and nu disco is pretty good, too.

ZipDJ but I’m possibly cancelling if they dont up their Prog House releases :blush:

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I think MixUpload is the best especially for EDM. You pay for a subscription and actually download and keep the music. No locker needed. They come out with tons of new releases every day. And they subcategorize all categories of dance music. Making it easy to download by date and genre added. Your main genres to name a few are: house, hip hop, techno, trance, dubstep, breaks, chill, new disco, indie dance, UK garage, funk. Plus many subcategories: such as vocal trance, deep, club,and progressive house. Definitely the site to try out if you’re tired of all the cookie cutter songs that are out there.

I use BPM supreme and SMASH because they are good on providing videos in which I use a lot of.

Zipdj is the one for me.