Best DJ Record Pool to use in 2020?

Hey Guys,

Which record pools are everyone using today?

As an open format DJ, I use a few depending on the type of track I’m looking for. If you use multiple, be sure to check each one.

  • Club Killers
  • DJ City
  • BPM Supreme
  • DMS
  • Digital DJ Pool
  • IDJPool
  • MP3 For DJs
  • My MP3 Pool
  • Other (list below in comments)

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Xtendamix are used by a lot of people I know.

Cool, I never heard of that one but I’ll check it out!

I tried to add above but apparently you cannot modify a post after the first 5 mins.

I think that’s quite fair on a poll :wink: No pools of this kind for me anymore btw

Yeah I can see why they prohibit that.

I guess “none” should have been an option too…

I cancelled my BPMsupreme sub after 3/4 years. I noticed they stopped having some artists music.

I have active subs with Xtendamix, SmashVision and Heavyhits now

I dip into clubkillers intermittently when they have their Fiver promo :wink:

I used to use “Promo Only” up until a few months ago but Tidal seemed to cover all the tracks that Promo Only did, just as early sometimes even earlier.

The only things I miss from Promo Only, is that they offer DJ friendly intros, and a search results filter to filter out Explicit tracks (which means nothing from Stormzy would ever show up, coz he’s a bucket mouth). Tidal shows you all tracks, explicit or clean, but mark which tracks are explicit with a “E” icon.

The only thing I don’t like about Tidal is that non-original artists, covers and ringtones appear in amongst the original artists and mixes.

Heavy Hits and Franchise Pool