Best Case for SC6000 package

Does anyone have any suggestions of flight cases, ive noticed at present only one company is making a coffin case for the sc6000 set, I am not familier with the brand, the sc5000 set had a magma case but they do not have an updated version any suggestions?

I would wait a moment. As soon as the decks will hit the market, case builders will have their hands on the gear to make a perfect fitting case.

Yes I agree I did not know if there are a brand or brands who make better quality cases. The last thing i want as a mobile dj is to buy this really nice kit and it is damaged.

For sure, I recommend 12 pm cases. Had their cases for years. The cases traveled in a truck for several gigs together with other stage equipment, and hardly showed usage. I sold some of the cases when I was selling my cdj’s to get prime decks and the guy was surprised how good the cases looked, after these years of use. Check them out.

no worries i will look into it