Below Freezing Storage?

Hi all- can anyone here provide input if it’s okay to store Denon 5000’s and an x1850 in below freezing temperatures for a night? I know you shouldn’t do this with LED lights etc., but I’m not sure about the players.

Thank you!

Should be fine. I have a TV in our outbuilding. Been there for years and it still works fine. MCX8000 has been in the same building since last year and it’s OK too.

Been frosty every day for weeks here.

Thanks for the response. Looks like I’ll give it a go unless anyone else here has objections haha.

I also leave my Bose F1 system in the garage. Tested it yesterday and no issues there either.

My only work worry would be equipment with LCD screens. Our country of Turkey rarely goes below freezing but there was a time 3 or 4 years ago when I let two light controllers go below freezing and both their LCD displays burst and showed trapped broken rainbow-like ink in the display As the L in LCD stands for “liquid” then the freezing makes sense.

The screen s on the SC primes are not liquid as far as I know. The screens on the 18xx might be but I don’t know.

In general too I would say that you should let cold gear warm up slowly to room temperatures before opening the cases, plugging in or using them

Not sure about the storage, but I made a party in the winter on an open air ice skates park couple years ago - it was fun, cold and no damage to the equipment :slight_smile:

Still no definitive answer, so it has me concerned. I dj outdoors at a ski resort weekly and once it starts getting below freezing, the screens on the 5000’s start acting up and can become unresponsive. This has happened on a few occasions. But I’m talking they will be stored in 10F for a solid 16 hours.

Nothing should happen, just remember to let the devices sit for at least 2 hours when brought to a heated place. Condensation on the inside can damage the gear very badly when switched on.

Okay so based on this information I won’t be leaving them in that type of temperature over night. Thanks!

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