Beatsource Clean vs. Dirty Versions

Is it possible for Beatsouce to label the Clean and Dirty versions of their songs like Tidal? That would help a lot.

I think this is more a question to Beat Source.

You might be right, but on the Beatsource website the explicit songs are labeled with an “E”, but they aren’t in the Denon Primes. I have to download the streaming song to determine whether it’s clean or dirty.

Hm… Maybe that E could be somehow added in to the list during search or when in the playlist… Good point.

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My guess would be that this is currently not supported by the current version of the Beatsource API and for that reason technically not possible to implement yet. Same example as some extra info from Tidal that is available on TIDAL web app, but not in the track info on long press (even though there is a field in Engine OS, the data could not be obtained)

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As Addie said, they need to support it at their end.

This is also an issue when using Serato DJ. I hope they add it one day as it is super useful.

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Maybe the steaming services should only serve clean versions - oh wait though , the dj thinks he or she gets more sniggering street cred for playing bucketmouth versions - so dirty all the way

So, what do we need to do to make it happen? Contact Beatsource?

I did a bit of digging

  1. Serato displays the version in the track title

  1. Rekordbox does not

As serato is able to display EXPLICIT then i guess the information is in the stream.

I guess its ENGINE OS that needs to display this as well

As you were

Tidal has the info as well but handled differently between RKBX and SDJ

Serato DJ picks it up from the tag which is good if it’s labelled.

The API for Tidal shows it perfectly as a separate “E” and this is the way we want it working, as a separate column. This is the extra info Beatport/Beatsource need to send via an API.

It seems that they now add the “EXPLICIT” to the tag which wasn’t always the case upon launch. It was a pretty much a wild west with profanities. There was no indicator at all as (album version) was a gamble. I think the official response was that it was supplied from the labels and it was up to them to label them. Maybe they now have a policy of requesting it now.

Before we had to assume the album version was explicit.

As you can see in the Tidal pictures, even when Tidal has the E, Serato is not showing it on the T Tidal icon but choosing to label it as explicit. Serato is BEHIND when it comes to track Attributes display.

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It is great they do this.

Let’s hope Beatport finally add the system of adding it via API. I’ve had too many ‘Album Versions’ that wasn’t picked up. It’s doen to Denon DJ I guess now.