Beatport problem

Whats up! I have a problem. As I try to switch to Beatport then Prime 4 tries to connect, then freezes and resets the system. TIDAL works without any problems, the disc is fine. I have 1.5.2, but I also tried Beta 1.6 and the same :disappointed: Anyone had this problem? Has it been solved somehow?

That’s probably because the Beatport account has expired. Should be fixed in a next release.

The only question is when will it be the next release?

That is a good question. Hopefully soon. Who knows really, not far off 4 months now since the beta. I would hope in 4 months quite a lot has been done. Denon always produce and then some but can take time. My feeling is it will be worth the wait.

Im experiencing this also. Are you saying Beatport doesnt work presently?

The crash only occurs if your account has been previously entered, but expired on the Beatport side. Problem is you don’t get to the account settings anymore unless the account is extended. That was my experience at least.

This is the sort of thing that should be corrected with a “hotfix” pretty quickly, not months later with an entire ecosystem update.

Whoever decides on Denon’s programming road map really needs to review how customers are supported as this method is simply ridiculous.

Although the usual suspects will probably chime in saying I’m a VDJ fanboy, the reality is that if anything like this isn’t found in the pre release version it’s certainly fixed in a matter of hours, not weeks or months later. If Denon want people to leave their DJ software of choice for Prime gear then they’ve got a lot of work to do.

True, but it happened to me with an expired Beatport account. It shouldn’t reset a unit of course, but I solved it by extending my account period.

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