Beatport Link

Since a few days i run into problems when loading a track from Beatport Link Pro (error: Network Error). In 99.9% of the tracks i get this error.

Of course i checked subscriptions, my network (fixed line), gear configurations but it just dont work. Submitted tickets at VDJ (my DJ software) and Beatport but i dont get a solution.

Anyone encounters the same problems, and do you know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

I don’t think that the MC7000 will be contributing to the issue at all.

But you can test that by seeing if the same issues occur with the 7000 connected to the laptop, and without it connected to the laptop.

If the fault is the same regardless of whether the 7000 is connected, or not, then it’s not the 7000 part of the system, and it’ll just be something with Beatport, Virtual DJ, the laptop or the network

Beatport seem to be having trouble with streaming in many cases right now. Maybe they didn’t have all the different manufacturers to test against normally, during all this covid mess.