Beatport Link Support?

When will Denon, especially the SC5000, support Beatport Link (Pro, Pro +).

Why have wifi on board if it is not used?


It will come

Hello @Lotzo, thank you for posting. We announced a few months ago that Streaming Functionality will be rolling out this summer. No new information is available for public distribution at this time, but it’s coming!

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I hope that not only this will be in the newest update but also much of the other good features we suggested to denon. ( I want my clock, too xddd )

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Any news on when BeatportLink is coming to Prime 4? One of the reasons i purchased your device this Feb, was that it was advertised as being available last year.


I just hope that when they do implement it that they do it in a way that utilizes all the available metadata from beatport so I can see the key of the tracks before loading them. If I can’t have that then this service just like Tidal is DOA in my eyes.


This is a nice little extra for me, as it was never an advertised feature when I bought my Primes, but it will save me so much effort and mither to just hunt through Beatport for new music. I don’t play out so it’s purely for my own pleasure. Come on Denon, hurry up with this feature!!!


Okay, that’s enough water down the river.

What about the announced STREAMING FUNCTIONALITY

Yes, you have integrated TIDAL, great … but what about Beatport Link?

Tidal IS streaming dude

Yeah i know, but i don’t like TIDAL.

No Genre Search, No good artits search, nothing. It’s like Spotify in bad

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So to say “where is streaming function?” was odd then as you knew tidal was a streaming service.

But I know what you mean. The different streaming services cater for different DJs. What’s good for one DJ is empty of choices for the other DJ


Agreed - Tidal is useless to me, but Beatport would be great.


Okay, try again. When will the integration of beatport link finally take place?

It will come

At least, I think it was one of four or five streaming services denon mentioned. So far, denon seem to be adding one extra streaming service per year. They recent beta’d a second one, but it didn’t interest me as much as tidal does so I don’t recall if it’s soundcloud or beat port in the recent beta

is there any news yet on when this update might be released? beatport says it is available with compatible denon hardware.i dont know of any hardware by denon that has the update.

where do they say “it’s compatible with denon hardware” ???

Beta testers have been or are still testing Beatport link on denon primes. There have been discussions already that beatport L files are not very high bitrate quality though. But obviously that’s down to beatport to address or improve rather than denon

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Yup, quality seems low, 256Kbps ACC on the best plan, useless for real playing

Ive been using tidal for a few months and the only downside is the search and ability to organise. I hope that gets resolved down the line soon. The sound quality even at 320 is as good as ive heard and awesome on the lossless subscription.

I search genre’s on beatport, add these tracks to tidal playlists for audition (they almost always have the same tracks), play them a few times in the mix, and if the tracks a belter worth keeping I buy it. Its saved me a small fortune on those disposable tracks that didn’t turn out how the minute sample on beatport portrayed them (that hidden cheesey vocal etc)