Beatport Link - No locker support?

I have been using Beatport Link for a few months now. It’s a neat service, and I really like the idea, but it has some limitations right now on my SC6000’s and Prime Go that feel like it’s not ready (for my) use.

It seems like Beatport Locker (the ability to download tracks and store locally) is only available on Rekordbox at the moment?

The issue I have with streaming is that you can’t use the track preview of the SC6000’s with the service. You have to load the track to a drive, wait for it download, then preview, which can take 20-30 seconds per-track.

This probably isn’t an issue for DJ’s who look at a track name and immediately know what it is. I play underground house, tech house, techno, etc, and track names are pretty useless for me. I have great musical memory, but unless it’s a really big name track, I am not remembering the name.

So being able to just pull down a playlist from Beatport Link using their Locker feature would be great, provided the downloaded tracks behave just like they were on my local flash drive.

P.S. The number of locker tracks allowed 50 for $29.95/mo, and 100 for $44.95/mo is a little sad (though that’s Beatport issue). I would LOVE to pay a fixed price of $29.95/mo and just keep a, say, 250 “latest track” library in my rotation. But it’s lacking at the moment.


Not a Beatport Link user, but Tidal instead. It has the same issue in that you have to download the track to preview it. I assume its part of the deal that the player can only cache the music temporarily.

Hoping now that Serato has the offline locker integration, as does Rekordbox this is now going to go into the development cycle for 1.7 for the near future.

Any update when Denon will be launching Offline Locker?

If it’s not soon then I’ll need to ditch Denon and switch to Serato or Rekordbox.

Love Link but feel short changed paying full price with no Offline Locker.

Has there been any official update other than “some point in the future”?

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Would really appreciate an update from Denon on this. Like you, will need to ditch Denon soon and move somewhere if not added.

I brought the same issue last year, especially with no waveform (track preview), the offline locker really annoys me as I feel short changed as a Link member. Hopefully Denon will incorporate this within a future update.

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I have no idea. Why isn’t denon done with this one: track preview, the offline locker