Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK are giving away a 2 MONTH FREE trial

Surely you too have received the email from Denon DJ announcing this:

Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK are giving away a 2 MONTH FREE trial for each streaming service for all Denon DJ owners. To claim, simply register your product on [] and check the special offers.

So we can finally get 2 months free for these streaming providers. :heart_eyes:

Thanks Denon! :+1: :muscle:


I got an email about it too but can’t see it on the registered products page, redeemed tidal last month and soundcloud but cannot see these 2! AND I WANT THEM!! :grinning:

Sometimes for those who have already registered the product for some time past, the coupon appears after a few days.

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Can anyone else confirm this? I’m still waiting

Yes, I have it.

I’m still waiting - can anyone from Denon tell us what’s going on with this???

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Weak. Have you used any other offers before? I submitted a ticket to Denon but haven’t heard back yet. Sent a message on IG also. Still nothin…

So I’ve only used tidal and soundcloud so far but have never ever used beatsource or beatport with or without a trial. Had the email for the 2 month trial 4 days ago now but nothing. Thing is I’m actually interested in beatsource but want to check it out first via the trial.

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same with me!!!

It’s the one I’m probably most interested in

Yes, I used Tidal and Soundcloud.

Maybe I’ll try using the SoundCloud one

Still haven’t had my trial :rage: