Beatport DJ - new BETA web based DJ app for Beatport Link

Quote: “The world’s first web based DJ application built for music discovery and playlist management, along with seamless integration with our partners Pioneer DJ, Serato DJ, Denon DJ, Hercules, Djay and more.”


This seem to be very interesting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are they gonna do the same for Beatsource?

I’m playing and like the playlist integration from other providers. A good way to import all those Spotify playlists etc and doing the job of Soundiz.

It warns about not working fully if you’re not using Chrome and I can confirm it loads but doesn’t play anything for me but the playlist feature is cool.

EDIT: Even has MIDI mapping too in the settings. Wow.

It’s under the hood btw.


Yeah, I noticed that under the settings page. Interesting.

From what I understand you can’t transfer metadata to other DJ software (without third-party tools). Seems like another approach to lock people into a semi-closed (streaming) ecosystem.

I asked Mojaxx and he says yes.


Dig. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

has anyone tried this yet? If someone has a mapping for the S4 I would like to try it but not looking fw to mapping it myself to be honest :smiley: