Beatmatching issues sc5000m with motor on

Hello everybody, I have a weird problem. I have two sc5000ms and an x1800. I have one tack loaded on player 1 and the same track on player 2. The track is rated at 130 BPM. I am 100% sure that the track is at 130 BPM, and both players recognise it as such. No I simultaneously press the “cue” button at the beginning of the track on both players. The tracks begin to play, but the motors don’t rotate since I didn’t press the “play” button yet. Both tracks are perfectly in sync. As soon as I hit play, the motors start and the platters begin to turn. No the tracks start to get out of sync. I already removed the platters from both players, reassembled everything. The motors don’t make any noise. This problem only occurs occasionally. Sometimes, even when both platters are spinning, the music stays perfectly in sync. Do you guys know how to solve this problem? I had this both on 1.5 and 1.6 . Ty in advance!




Preferences > Motorized Platter Start > NORMAL or INSTANT?

I have the same issue with my sc5000m - when i play the same track on dual deck mode on both layers without motor they will stay perfectly in sync - but as soon as i start the motor on one of the decks the tracks run out of sync.

Sometimes this will go away and everything works fine and then the next time it will happen again.

Does somebody know how to fix that? Had the issue also with different engine versions.

I have the same problem. there was already this issue on 1.5v mufasa …persists in both ways

I haven’t noticed the same. I remember testing extensively when I was having drift with Serato.

I compared the standalone to controller mode.

The 5000M hold the sync for extended periods in standalone.

I will check again.

Ok. So I think I know why it is happening for me at least. Both players have to stand on a completely flat surface. My right player was standing on a cable, and as soon as one of the players is slightly tilted the motors don’t spin equally fast anymore (at least physically this makes sense). I hope this helps!

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