BeatGrid Misplacement

When my REKORDBOX U disk was plugged into Prime Go for the first time, everything was fine, the machine can make the correct beat grid, and the Engine software on the computer can quickly and correctly batch the beat grid, but as long as I turn on the computer open The REKORDBOX software , even if I quit without doing anything, I will prompt Update for rekordbox collection when I reinsert U disk on the Prime Go , and then the original correct BEAT grid has almost all shifted. I think this is because rekordbox automatically detected the Engine Library folder in the memory card and tampered with the data. The people behind the scenes are preventing his original customer from leading to D enon dj. Looking forward to denon’s engineers to find a solution as soon as possible

Pioneer is not tampering with the Engine Database. I have a couple USBs that are used with both Rekordbox and Engine without issue.

The problem here is Engines Rekordbox import being buggy. Use instead

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There are shifts with third party conversions as well. Its the nature of the beast.

MMG explains it here

True, but Rekordcloud has a tool for fixing the shift, which works pretty damn well (I use RBox as my home library and sync it to Engine Prime, doing almost no prep in Engine Prime).