Beatgrid Drifting as track plays

I did a quick search and was unable to locate anything other a couple posts about elastic beat grinding. I have several Techno tracks that after analyzing and checking the files, it is clearly evident that grid has drifted and no longer aligned correctly. I confirmed the BPM was correct by analyzing in Serato, Traktor, and Rekordbox and all three programs were spot on when I got to the end of the track. Am I missing something, maybe an analysis option?

Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom, is this on both Engine Prime and also the same whilst playing the track on the SC5000 also?

The beatgrid can be adjusted both within Engine Prime and on the players themselves easily, enabling you to “slide” the beatgrid left/right in the track to match peaks/beats etc

On the player itself, this is achieved by holding the silver rotary knob (to the right of the display) for a second, which will make the light surround around the rotary knob to flash. You can then rotate the platter clockwise/anti-clockwise to adjust the beatgrid. When its exactly how you want it, press the rotary knob in briefly to exit beatgrid edit mode.

Some tracks need to be corrected with 1/100 or 1/1000 of a bpm. I have several techno tracks that are not exactly a whole bpm value.

Now some of them are recorded from vinyl so fluctuations may occur. Also some change midway track to of beat. “Producers fun”, it’s called…

I think Engine Prime tends to prefer whole bpm values. Elastic option is not in there.

While I find a spot on grid welcome, I prefer my ears and sync off.

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Thanks. Was able to get them more accurate but still running into the occasional track that is seriously off. Ohh well, gives me a reason to do some library cleanup and listen to everything again