Beatgrid and Quantized Effects on the X1800, Does it have them

I recently got a new X1800 mixer with a pair of SC5000. I am having a problem trying to get my effects to sound right. Sometimes they just sound wild and all over the place. I have been on the Denon FB page and asked the question but I think there might be a little confusion. I have a couple of people saying it only has BPM effects and a couple of others saying it has BPM and Beatgrid locked effects. Which is right? Also I can’t seem to find any informaiton on whether or not the X1800 got Quantized effects the same as the X1850 in a firmware update. It doesn’t seem to have them and if not, why not. I thought the X1800 and the X1850 were only cosmetically different. Functionality wise I thought they were the same if you were up to date with your firmware.

Perhaps you should read the X1800 manual?

(clue: page 2)

Yeah, I looked at that and asked the guy that posted they were only BPM locked to clarify as I had read that but wasn’t 100% sure if I was understanding it correctly. It doesn’t mention if they are quantized though. I now Denon say they are functionally exactly the same but I can’t find a specific reference quantize anywhere. Do you know if the x1800 has quantize?

No quantize. Just bpm.

Thanks, does it just do bpm or bpm and beatgrid ?. I can’t seem to figure out it I’m reading the manual correctly.

It will know the grid, just not where in the grid (=quantize).

I think I understand now, it will work by using the BPM and the Beatgrid to work the effects but just won’t snap to it. Would that mean you would have to engage the effect right on the beat to get it to function perfectly? Sorry for all the question, I’m coming from a controller and all this stuff was very much automated, whereby when you engaged an effect all you needed to worry about was the wet/dry.