Beatgrid alignment on Transient

So Im new to using sync, but want to do multiple decks

With beat sync, when the tracks seem to load on the player they are just off a bit occasionally

Is there a visual way to line them up?

For example, put the grid line right at the beginning of the white transient?

Anyone have any tips?

If You are using sc5000 players hold the browser knob pressed in for a moment, then use the jog wheel to move the beat grid.

I guess I was asking where is the best place to set the grid, at the beginning of the white wav form?

It seems Denons analysis is a bit off sometimes and i was looking for a fast way to visually adjust when it’s off

The best place is where is Your 1st Beat. White color is the top part of frequencies, Green is mid, Blue is bass. Placement of the Beat marker depends on where the Beat actually is.

I guess i was looking to get as accurate as possible

Some kicks are more round, have woder transients

The white “click” of the kick seems to be the best place to like it up

Was wondering what others did

Some kicks start with a high frequency click, some with mid punch. So I think You are accurate with Your settings.