Beatcounter not moving

Hey Guys,

when i start a track on Player one, the green Beatcounter is moving, just like on player two. They linked up and i expact that on one player the white Beatcounter is also moving but it isn’t.

Any ideas?

greetz Lotzo

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The white counter is for the “master track”. Turn on sync and hit master on one of the decks, both white counters will start working.

Ah Ok, thx.

I don’t use Sync. so thats the reason why it’s not moving! Thougth it is like the Pioneers where one Deck is the Mastertempo, so u can orient oneself, but OK …

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Ya, took me a bit to figure out what was happening with that one for me too. I’m hoping in an update the “master tempo” will run regardless of whether or not you’ve turned on the sync system as it would be useful to always have the beat counters working.


+1 for this. Received my decks this week and this is the #1 annoyance right now. No reason this can’t be enabled manualy or to “auto-assign” to the longest active playing deck.

I guess as a quick work-around I’ve set my sync to “tempo” on the currently playing deck to have it appear on my others however this is just frustrating having to switch off and transfer it to the next deck should I want to use it for a quick visual aid.


Big up @ToddOddity! I thought I was going crazy trying to figure out the reason for the behavior. Makes sense, though it does seem a bit of an odd design choice with regards to functionality.

+100 to all of this. After several months with my Prime kit, this is the number one annoyance. The lack of an “auto-assign” or “auto-master” means the user has to remember to re-assign the master function to the decks rather than simply focusing on the mix. I’d like to see something similar to the Pio system in that the master deck is determined by the crossfader–for example, the crossfader is far right, that deck is now the master and vice versa. For instances where dual-layering is being used, requiring multiple channels, the master deck could be set based upon the positioning of the volume faders–example, the fader at the highest position is the master until it is lowered to a position less than the remaining three faders or is “cancelled out” by the fader of another deck being set to a higher position.


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If you turn on the tempo sync feature as a workaround like @somethinghere suggests, you don’t have to manually assign the master track. It will automatically switch to the longest playing track that you haven’t fidgeted around with.

That’s how I’ve been using my units now for the past few months. Just remember to turn off the tempo sync if you’re about to hard drop to another bpm!


It’s one of the most common complaints I hear when friends are playing on my Denon kit. The SC5000 has these fantastic screens yet has a crap beat-counter and even then you must have sync engaged to see it ! Pioneer and Serato have far better implementation of the counter and you don’t have to fudge around with sync

Fast mixing of 174 bpm tracks doesn’t always allow me the luxury of ‘listening’ time - a quick look at the beat-counter is instant. If it’s off-putting to the people I’ve shown my kit to and it’s been mentioned here a good few times you can be sure potential customers from CDJ/Serato backgrounds would feel the same too. I hope there’s better implementation in the next update

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Big respect to all DJs, who learned to spin records.

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Hi guys

Just to advise, the operation of the ‘non-sync beatkeeper’ will be fixed/improved early 2018.



Thanks for the update Paul - this is why I put my faith in Denon with this new kit. Listening to usergroups and developing the product. Very refreshing

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No idea what that comment was for?

hope it also incl. the beatcountdown to the next cue point, this will be a much better use of the counter vs the current, to me, meaningless beatcounter.

I hope it’s implemented to work even without the X1800.

Ie 2 linked #Sc5000 with a non prime mixer.

Great, can’t wait for the new firmware!


Like him, I have never used or looked at a beat counter, so his comment is sarcasm of course. A bit misplaced in this topic, I agree with that.

Sync hasn’t been ON on my SC’s, since I have them. So I cannot comment in this topic accordingly.

Perhaps, there’s a chance maybe it’s misplaced here. But, it’s kind of funny you seem to be the only one to figure out my point. One of the best place to post my comment (Big respect to all DJs, who learned to spin records.) is in the thread, named [Feature Requests - What would You like to see?]. At the rate that thread keeps moving. I wouldn’t be surprise if someone request autonomous DJing as a feature. Just power on the unit and walk away.

I have used more than enough DJ hardware, but after the last Traktor D2 set, that even relies on sync to play, I had no joy in DJing anymore. Thought about going the DVS way with my SL and adding a second turntable.

The Prime set is a “gift from heaven”, having Traktor features with old-school mix feel. I use the platter to cue and insert the track in the mix, like using vinyl.

So yes, features like sync, beatcounters, bpm etc. are topics I will refrain from. Then again, beat grid and key analysis are features I do embrace.

One of the interesting things with Sync and the Phase counters is that with a full Prime setup being 4 decks, each with two layers, that’s potentially 7 other layers which any layer might be asked, or expected to sync to/with.

I find anyone making sarcastic comments when the topic didn’t ask for such opinion more than a little puerile and elitist. Why even bother commenting?

Personally I have equal regard and respect for new DJ’s, wedding DJ’s, turntablists, professional DJ’s, hobbyists … in fact anyone having fun with music on even the most rudimental controller and in whatever way they see fit. When I started in the early 80’s I was just using two cheap turntables and their respective volume controls, but you know what I had fun and I learnt a lot, hillbilly old school style

That’s all a distant memory now and I personally don’t use sync for anything but I also won’t judge anyone who does. I am happy to mix 70-140 by ear but with 3 or 4 decks running D’n’B at 174 and utilising different methods of mixing I am juggling many, many plates and that’s where I find a beat counter especially useful. I see no shame in that at all.

For all I know you’re capabilities purely extend to mixing outro/intro on low bpm or basic house tracks and that’s fine too but as you and I don’t really know what the other is capable of it seems a little churlish that you commented in this way.