Beat jump probleem? when I hit Beat jump (Firware version 1.0.0 fd237b6)

Watch what happens when I hit Beat jump Seems like a sound / noise problem? Are there SC5000 who suffer from this?

I’ve never seen or hear that happen before.

It seems as though perhaps, music data isn’t reaching the 5000 fast enough for it to perform the beat jump, which is odd as for "normal length tracks the 5000 loads all the track into a buffer once the track has begun playing.

I’d be looking at things like length of track, speed of media the track is being played from, encryption, file type, how long had track been loaded before playback started, whether track was playing to the 5000 across a networked player or a local player, and checking for usb3 device in usb2 port, and vice Versa

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I get the same sound sometimes when I use the needle search. Only version 1 so will wait for UPDATES…

Do you notice that in particular tracks - as if it were every track, every time… then every one would mention it - and they haven’t.

Connected to network from player 1 to player 2. Hard disk drive on player 1 usb3 at the back. Track in m4a, length 05:02, bpm 114 (in prime is 113,8) (Rainbow Team - Bite The Apple) I want to buy these players, and go to the store to see how it works. I have heard before, but now it became annoying. At first I thought it was on the mixer. But that is not it. If you listen well, it seems that it’s only the vocals. Quantize is on.

I think we can all agree that this shouldn’t be happening. :confused:

Gee may be onto something with his questions about the media type and drive type.

Jayos and Gerald -

Can you let us know:

  1. What the make and model of your drive is?
  2. If it happened on all tracks on this drive or just a few?

That would go a long way to nailing down what is going on here. Any additional info that you think would be helpful to allow the engineers to replicate the issue would be helpful too. Gerald - I know you’re not so into the product yet as you are just trying it out. At this point though, it seems like only you two are reporting this particular issue… So lets figure out together what’s going on here so Denon can work on a fix.

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Hi AIRVince What the make and model of your drive is? : my passport ultra and usbstick 32gb EMTEC If it happened on all tracks on this drive or just a few? : more than 1 I have not bought them yet. but will be testing again soon. :sunny:

Gerald, Was it the passport AND EMTEC drive that had issues, or did you just try one?

There is a new firmware available for both the X1800 Mixer AND the SC5000 Players. If the retailer hasn’t updated yet, you should ask them to, as there are several improvements in this build.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve had good luck with the Samsung Bar USB 3.0 drives. They are fast, durable and waterproof.

Has anyone else had this issue now that the new firmware is on the SC5000?

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