Beat Gridding Old Songs

Have been attempting to beat-grid some old Disco tracks for my Prime 4. For some reason, when I set anchor points at every 4 beats all the way through the song, when I go back over the song, all the anchor points have moved. I would also like to be able to use a keyboard shortcut for the anchor and tap buttons when beat grinding (rather than using a mouse button).

Why would anchors move throughout a song like this? I only have multiple thousands of songs to go through so I hope this process gets easier.

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It will happen like you say if you press reset or you need to set an anchor point where its all good so the next time you set an anchor the whole grid wont move.

Read this: LINK at page 39-40, you can find all shortkeys including M “Sets a custom grid marker”.

Unfortunately, however, there is no key to press for TAP.

Just my personal 3 cents (as usual) …

I have, at some point in the past, started doing a bit of intro/outro editing of old disco tracks (first in Ableton, later in DJ software). At some point I got tipped to look at DJ Pools and look for DJ-prepped version of those tracks. At the very least they will have a number of beats at the beginning and end that are tight and ideal for mixing in/out a track.

So, these days, I generally don’t bother with the whole flex gridding thing too much anymore. If the track is too “swingy”, I’ll just refrain from using beat-effects on it. A small price to pay for all the time gained not spending hours and hours on getting the grids right on old tracks.


I got a job in a 70s disco club around 1997. Gave up trying to mix disco music after the first week or so. I was using CDs at the time and didn’t have the new fangled methods of warping but it was literally impossible.

I just chop mix them now and nobody even notices.

Cheers for your comments. I think the point about mixing disco is valid. Cue points are important so I will have to at least go through the pain of setting up most of my tracks because they did not carry over from Serato.

Not the best audio quality but have a look at this