Beat Grid Question

Afternoon, All.

I’m having trouble with setting the beat grid to start at the correct points. At the beginning of certain tracks it’s fine but slips in the middle I’ve enclosed pictures below.

You can see towards the middle of the track the red line is slipping into the 2nd kick on the 4 beat counter and if a adjust it the whole grid across the track adjusts meaning the ones at the beginning that’s perfect now gets messed up.

Any ideas what I’m missing here.


Seems to me this is a f*ck-up or deliberate beatshift of the producer.

I don’t think you can change this with flexigrid.

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That’s is really strange and a real pain. When I had the pioneers and recorbox there was a feature in reckordbox where you could click a button and it would save from the red grid and only start moving the grids from this saved point - doesn’t Engine Prime offer a feature like this, Reece.

The tracks are Psychedelic trance and a few of these are doing this (different artist and BPM)

I don’t use it much, but I don’t think that the bar count (re)starts at a newly set anchor point.

No, the anchor point didn’t help I tried that.

Not even sure what the anchor point is for in Prime.?

Can’t you just drop in on the obvious “1”?

That’s for the flexigrid. When a bpm changes or the beatgrid goes slightly off, then an anchor point locks the bpm and grid, before that anchor point.

No. SR.

For some reason if you then move red grid back back to the “1” the grids at the beginning then change.

From what I’m seeing you can’t adjust the grid in certain sections only across the whole track which is a bit silly in my opinion Because as stated in recordbox you could do it in sections by selecting the save point

I don’t mean adjust the grid, I mean dropping the incoming track where it should come in.

Yeah but then when you want to loop or cue etc… it’s messed up.

Shame nobody knows as way around this. If I do it through recordbox can I export to prime with all the beat grids saved?

Just had a look at the track on Tidal.

There is a deliberate change in one of the break downs.

The down beat comes back in on the 4 and stays constant for the rest of the track.

You cant do anything about it in Engine OS/Prime

Tracks like that I stick a HOTCUE where that beat comes back in. I rename the hotcue to remember as well. After playing the song a number of times I know the track well enough to know the nuances.

Every ecosystem has its own peculiarities eg Traktor can re-set the one, but does not have flexible beatgrids. So there is that.

Thanks you for that effort in checking the track Mufasa. It maybe just a thing with Psychedelic trance as a few tracks purchased tonight had that issue.

Don’t usually mix it but wanted something different to bootleg over playing HardHouse/HardTrance

Definitely think this is something Denon should look into with an update in prime because as mentioned recordbox had a feature where you could set a point where the beat grids won’t be adjusted from from the saved marker.

Really think this should of been implemented somewhere down the line withall the updates.

I can loop a section that doesn’t start on the one. I could see it if you’re mixing 4 tracks at once how it might be handy, but…

I haven’t listened to the track, but if there’s a pesky extra beat in a breakdown, I’d source a wav & see if would edit out & still sound musically ok. :slight_smile:

Or just mix, like people have done for years, without needing everything automated for them.

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Well at least this track stays on the beat grid.

I have several tracks that shift half a beat during a break (…funny producers). No Flexigrid back in the day. :sunglasses:

Let’s call this the MASTER track.

What I do is lock the last ‘good’ anchor, then I set a hot cue at the next ‘one’ beat.

I then place as temporary anchors, as close to each other as possible l, between the ‘last good’ anchor and the ‘next one’. This ‘pulls’ the anchor nearest to the next one beat close enough to the next one beat so that I can place an anchor on the next ‘one’ beat.

I then delete the temporary anchors between the ‘last good’ and the ‘next one’ anchors, and then reset the bpm at the ‘next one’ which is now anchored.

One thing to note is when the MASTER gets to this point, the BPM is usually very different to the main BPM of the track so… if you are in Sync, and you’re ‘in the mix’, the other track will follow the BPM of the MASTER and can result in a measure or two of strange beats!! Since these breaks in the MASTER usually occur at a bit of a lull so they can be disguised with some FX. Also, I usually add a suitably named hot-cue a measure or so before where this happens in the MASTER track as a reminder.

I hope this helps and is clear enough to understand :wink: