Beat grid moves past beat point

I’m having a problem on my prime 4 with the beat grid not staying aligned with the actual beat. After about a full measure the beat grid slides past the actual beat and no longer hits on the 1. The edit grid feature doesn’t really help

Can anyone give some suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks

This is being corrected by improved firmware and engine Prime releases. No specific dates

Well I’m glad I learned to mix on vinyl and can beat match by ear. It’s the weirdest dang thing… it’s not all songs. Does the DL site make a difference? Beatport vs Traxsource etc…??

But man does it mess me up when I don’t know the beatgrid is wacked out. Any recommendations or loophole fixes to try for now? Delete and re-download the song to have it re-analyzed? Maybe make sure the Quantize feature is on before analysis?

  • Could be wrong bpm.

  • Could also be due to non quantized tracks.

Analyse the track in Serato/Traktor, compare the bpm to that of EP

if the song is quantized then get a bpm counting app and type it in manually in EP, for me that actually works better than the tap button in EP lol