Beat Grid Issues

I agree with your word.

Some of today’s DJs are disabled when they to be compared to full DJs of the decade or more back


That number is the Bar not the first beat. It’s 4 beats in a bar, that’s why your seeing the 1 at the 4th beat

Just want to follow up on my original post. Just ran my library threw EP again because I got a new computer and it seems to be EVEN WORSE. It got so many of my 125-130 obviously kick drum on the beat songs from both on grid and were way off on tempo (I’m talking 160-180). Its absolutely terrible. Thankfully I’ve been using rekordbox to analyze my tracks and third party software, which apparently will get me banned if I name it here, to create an engine prime USB from rekordbox so no issues for me but Denon really needs to take a look at this and get it fixed if they want to be taken seriously. Love my 3 SC5000’s and X1800 though!

Also to DJDusty above me, if you’ll also notice there’s no line at all on the first beat then you’ll realize what you said is wrong.


I just got my Prime 4 this week, I’m loving the unit tbh! I sold my Pioneer set-up (CDJ-850s, DJM-800, Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+) to fund the switch. I’m sure I read on this forum somewhere that Engine Prime now allows you to use Rekordbox’s beat grid analysis, as well as the standard Cue points and Loops you set in Rekordbox. I was actually using Serato before I Switched to Denon… Do you know if this is true?

Now though, I want to take the organisation of my library more seriously and I’m considering prepping all my tracks in Rekordbox and then importing to Prime, this is so that my library is still good to go on Pioneer equipment at club events, because, even though we know that the Denon players etc are more advanced than Pioneers players, Pioneer are still seemingly the dominant set-up in clubs, hopefully, this will change in the coming years. So I would like my library to be set up for both Pioneer rigs and any events that use Denon rigs too. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on that before I start looking to migrate my library. As it stands though, EP has been pretty spot on with the analysis of my library that I’ve chucked into it so far, mostly deep house, techno and trance.

Rekordbox and Serato Beatgrids - No.

Rekordbox Hot Cues and Loops - Yes

Serato DJ BPM, Hot Cues and Loops - Yes

Continue managing your library in rekordbox

Sync over to Engine Prime your Rekordbox library as needed

The Prime players can also read USB/SD cards made in Rekordbox. When you plug it in


Hey man, thanks for that info! That was helpful how you broke it all down there!

I’ve worked my way through a lot of the tutorial videos etc. I’m sure I saw on a post that Rekordbox BPMs and beatgrids could now be used. I must have been mistaken, which is why I was struggling to find that info again! At least now with your help, I know that the best action, as I initially thought, will be to manage my library in Rekordbox and then import to Engine Prime, so that I’m good to go on both platforms.

Thanks again!

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