Beat grid adjustment in standalone mode

Hi everyone, Is there a way to adjust the beat grid on the mcx8000? It would be awesome to adjust the grid and set makers like in Serato, but in standalone mode. There are tracks that I’ve set grids in serato. That when I play them in standalone mode, the grid is reset. I’ve also tried via engine with no luck. I know that the mcx8000 isn’t a prime product. But it would be nice if denon could help us with that, as well as changing the phaser to a flanger and the noise to a delay effect

There’s a request section on the forum for new features but I don’t know if it’s applicable to the 8000 now . Might be only prime hardware

What’s up @Rodperaza2020,

You can adjust the beat grid. Above the SYNC button there is a BEAT GRID section. To adjust, hold down the SLIDE button and move the jog wheel to make the edit.

Unfortunately, the MCX processing power is somewhat limited and further changes to effects aren’t planned. It would be nice but I’m pretty confident that what is currently available will remain.