Beat Counter while sync is NOT enabled

Hello Guys, This topic is not that new so I repost this feature idea that have been added 1,5 years ago.

I think that I’m not the fist person who noticed that the beat counter isn’t working if sync is not enabled. Cause I’m playing across genres, it is totally annoying to activate sync to see the beat counter of the second player. I hope that this topic maybe implement this very small feature in fact that it is working in sync.

Greetings from Germany


I want that feature added too. I really hope that Denon wont ignore this and implement it in their next firmware update. I would love to see the beat counter moving along and I’m glad that I’m not the only one. There are some against it but the thing is not everyone DJ’s the same. What works for some may not work well with others. Excuse the rant, I just want this feature added sooner rather than later.


I 2nd this. Pioneer players doesn’t force you to enable cheats (sync) in order to have a functioning beat counter. I just bought my SC5000M and i was disappointed that it didn’t have this functionality.

Please Denon.


While I’m certainly not against visual aids for DJ’s to make life easier, it’s funny you mention sync as a cheat, but a beat counter is not a cheat…?

I think there is also a request for the phase-view variant instead of the beat counter.

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I just tap my foot to the beat. I’d rather that wasted few centimetres of screen space was reallocated to something more useful at the level of DJs that Prime is aimed and priced at.

I don’t use the aids also, but I understand DJ’s do, so I’m not against any to get the Primes more and more out there.

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I suppose the difficulty with this feature is that it’s not a simple “match the other deck” because with layers, the other “deck” could be any one of 7 sources (4 decks, 2 layers)

Could be. To my knowledge, with 4 decks, double layering is inactive with Engine Connect. So 4 beat bars max. This discussion was made earlier in another topic. I suggest 4 bars with layer coloring.

Pioneer uses 2 bars, even with 4 players linked. It displays the sync-master or chosen-master (deck with highest fader up??) at the top and the slave at the bottom?

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If the “club standard” can manage to provide two options of phase meter i see no problem why denon cant improve on the single option they have. This is what this feature request is about i believe

Where in the promo or manual did they mention that the Primes were for a certain level of djs? I must have missed that. Or is this just your opinion?


It may have been next to the warning about sarcasm.

Purchase price is a consideration in what level of experience a DJ will be at and what equipment they’ll opt for. Not in every occurrence as there are always exceptions.

Well, the more experienced DJs that helped me get started with this hobby drilled the “sync-shaming” quite hard and i have taken to it. Since if you can do without the sync button it will be easier to adapt to older media players, (+ its a good thing to learn how beatsync by ear if i am ever to level up to vinyls or Phonograph cylinders like a real DJ)

Seeing as i have some high grade tinnitus and lowered hearing in my right ear i find the beat counter to be sort of a middle ground between cheating and a helpful tool.

I grew up using vinyl only, so my nature would also be sync-shaming… However, DJ styles change and it all went to stardom over the years.

Playing 4 Traktor decks at once using external drum computers etc., one has to sync eventually.

I still prefer to drop-in a track in the mix using the platter, not the play button.

If you just want to see the 4 beat pattern you can also open the slicer to visually see the beats

This is my number one request. It makes for much faster mixing especially when 3-4 track mixing.

You can have beat counter without sync enabled:

On player 1 that is playing press sync - it will not do antything because on player 2 sync is disabled, it will only set this deck as master. Now you have a working master counter on player 2.

When mixing is done and player 2 is the only playing one, disable sync on player 1 and enable on player 2 this will set it as master and now you have working counter on player 1 without changing/matching bpm.

One thing to remember is only one sync button should active. You need to disable sync before you press it on another player.

But to be honest for denon it should be easy to implement phase meter (like cdj). Because you have beatgrid already you only need to make smaller size beatgrid instead of beat counter. No calculation is needed data is already there

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