Beat/Bar countdown to next cue

Not sure if this request should be in the SC5000 or in the Engine Prime part of the forum but pretty sure the Denon team will read this!

Having my set for about 2 weeks now and I’m really enjoying the set and getting more and more acquainted with the options and locations of the knobs !! Just love them !!!

1 feature that I would like to see added to the SC5000 is a beat/bar countdown to the next cue point.

On the CDJ this is an feature and I used it often to know when the new song needs to be started and be certain that both songs are at the tight point for the actual changeover. e.g. the playing deck will show -32 bars, till the next cue point, e.g. then the break starts, I should start the other deck at this moment as the intro is 32bars and then the vocals start.

On the SC5000 there is a bar counter which I think can be used for this purpose as now it just add’s up the bars but to it doesn’t have an added value to know that I’m now in the 148th bar of the song.

Hope this feature can be added to make this player even better.


It would be cool if the Beat/Bar would show without sync turned on as well.


What would really be great is an indication/counter till the next CUE point set. It really makes sense to have an indication on when to start the second deck so drops, vocals etc can be alligned properly.

This may have been requested before but I believe this could really improve the workflow.


BB (Bars and beats counter) NC (Next Cue counter)

What also made sense (although it was implemented by a hack on the S8) was an indication on how the keys are matching in relationship to other decks. (When browsing the collection) We had implemented 4 squares in the browser, each representing one deck, that changed color when key matching was valid. Dark Grey is the current deck, Grey indicated no match, Green indicated Horizontal transistion on the wheel (ex 8A to 9A), blue indicated vertical transistion on the wheel (ex 8A to 8B).

Maybe this could also be shown in the deck header as the keys can change when keylock is disabled and the pitch changes.



Great idea! This would help a lot!

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I like the idea of the next cue counter, I did posted this request also back in July 2017…

SO let’s cross finger if it will be in the next update, assume @Chloe_DENONDJ or other Denon team members can’t say anything or…


It does my heart good to see you here, Sydes. Yours and ErikMinekus’s screen mods for the S8 were fantastic! Personally I used ErikMinekus’s Nexus mod and one thing I liked about it was when a track was playing and you went to the browser on the other deck, the compatible keys were highlighted and their color represented energy effects high/low energy drain and boost, as well as same key.

It would be awesome if Denon did the same thing for the SC5k’s.

I also agree that a “bars to cue” counter would be very handy. Since starting on traktor I’ve always just selected 32 beat loop size then double click the loop encoder so that on the track waveform it would show me a visual representation of that many bars. Currently do the same on these decks lol


Hi abraxo… So you also moved from NI to denon? Yes these changes would be a great improvement. Just have to wait and see if they will implement them…

By the way… Also miss-using the loops to get a 32 bars indication before the cue. Shame it has to be do e this way. I wonder how others are doing it…

I’m not sure if serato does it, I know rekordbox doesn’t. I just know since the first S4 that’s what I did, wasn’t perfect but it helped for programming on the fly.

I would prefer a feature that allows to set the cue point to a any of the hot cues independently from the current play position in the track. By this you could see the bar to/from any hot cue as you like.

This could be implemented by changing the shift + hot cueX behaviour to ‘set the cue point to the selected hot cue’ instead of ‘delete the selected hot cue’. Since I delete hot cues quite seldom, another key combination would be no problem for me. E.G. shift+Hold hot chue X for delete.

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That could be useful for different workflows, but for a bars to cue solution that would be less practical than simply adding in said feature.

Do hope they implement one of these solutions. That would really be great since my son is playing lots of drum and bass where he needs the time till the next drop… Guess other styles can also benefit from this.


Couldn’t you either:

a) Phrase count - I assume most DnB conforms to standard phrasing?

b) Set hot cue points on the drops (helpful for double dropping and quick shifts between tracks anyway) then use the screens and the distance between current position and hot cue point as an approximation - I do this with hip-hop/RnB all the time as at my residency they only have the original CDJ 2000’s so no waveforms/helpful info, its purely down to my ears and approximations between cue points on those occasions I lose count or am too busy to count.

I’m not saying this feature won’t be nice to have, but it shouldn’t be something you/your son absolutely needs to rely on.

Guess he could, but has been playing that way for a few years now. We used te play with traktor…

And this is exactly why DJ’s should learn the fundamentals - say you do what I do and have a residency where they only have older hardware, how would your son cope then?

To be clear, I’m not trying to bash you here, but if your son knew the fundamentals this wouldn’t be such a necessary feature, it would strictly be a “oh thats a cool add-on but I can get by without it” feature.

Counting to 4 or setting hot cues really isn’t that difficult and it will get you out of a load of situations where you would otherwise have to rely on technology.

I know. Don’t need to tell me, I started like almost 30 years ago with a rodec mixer and 2 sl1210’s…

I must admit used it quiet often in traktor, especially when you have two tracks for example, one going towards a low energy section and the other one looping (at 7 bars from the drop). It is quiet handy to then know when to release the loop so the drop will coinside with the second bar of the low energy section.

With the current bar counter it can be quiet tricky. When looping at bar 67 and the low energy section starting at 84…

But yes it could be done… Just found it way easier if you have the countdown counter.


Ok on that example this is how I would deal with it.

Keep the loop going, but put a hot cue on the drop, so you can transition from the loop to the drop at any point. Then all you need to do is keep count on the first track, then hit the hot cue when you want the drop.

If there is build up in the 6 bars to the drop that are not part of the loop you can create this by shortening the loop in increments.

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i cant wait to have it on my denon set


I’ve added my “like” to this.

I’d like to use this feature by having a hot cue set to when the vocals begin on a track. Then while I was playing the intro, I’d be able to see how many beats or bars I had left before the vocals come in


I totally agree. I’m on the prime 4 and would love to see the pioneer bars/beats countdown left to the next cue or hot point.

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