Batch to auto analyze playlists of all streaming partners!

It is very time consuming to analyze the tracks of Beatport playlists manually or by endless playback. It would be HIGHLY appreciated, if there would be the same functionality as in Prime Engine, where you can start a batch to analyze all your tracks, no matter if the tracks are physically stored on SD-Card/USB-Stick or virtually from one of the streaming partners. Thanks!!

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If you want people to be able to vote for your suggestion then you need to fill in the proper suggestion form on the forum.

Votes can sometimes help how much thought the firmware teams give an idea

I like your idea, although I worry that a long playlist could take a lot of processing time which might mean a loss of a layer or some functions while it’s processing the lists. If you do a form, I’ll vote for it

Already a similar request active. Please do a search.

Ok, will do in a second

Request rejected. Again, do a search, you would have found this:

Add your extra insights to the topic and like like :sunglasses:

Ok, I See, thanks. I was searching for „analyze“ and did not find any posts. Anyway, thanks again, I hope request will be heared :four_leaf_clover::+1:t2:

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