Bars to next cue point/loop countdows

Hey community,

As far as my research has informed me, there is currently no way to set any of the players to countdown to the next cue point or loop. This is something I love as a feature and it’s a real shame that it’s not available yet. That said, I noticed something interesting in one of the SC6000/M videos. In the screenshot below, I can see minus bars and that intrigues me.

Have any of you know is that is something that already exists and I’ve missed it or if it will come with a future firmware update maybe?

Cheers, AKSO


The beat-grid numbering is not static in Engine Prime or Engine OS.

Don’t ask me why it’s implemented this way. :crazy_face:

If you CUE a song, that position will change to beatgrid number 1, so grids before it will be negative numbers.

I hope that makes sense

It does actually…Hopefully this feature will be implemented soon though :slight_smile:

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I find the negative numbering to zero / cue point useful as you can rewind the track to a point That’s 32/16/8 bars in front of the cue point or mix point and know how far away from that mix point you are

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I think we don’t officially know about it yet but something has changed. Notice the behaviour of the bar countdown here. Cheers

Would like to see exact this screen on Prime4 too. Especial the 4 bar counter next to continue … This screen looks more intuitive than the screen on Prime4 at the moment.

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